Science Educators’ Association of the Australian Capital Territory

The Science Educators Association of the ACT Inc. (SEA*ACT) respects your privacy. Protecting your personal information is important to us.

At SEA*ACT we only collect contact information which is necessary to administer the Association. The information we collect is usually professional contact information which is readily available through a variety of sources. This includes workplace addresses, workplace telephone and fax numbers, and E-mail addresses.

Where we have been given personal contact information, we do not make it available to any outside organisation or allow any person except authorised office staff to use it. You are welcome to ask to see the information held about you.

If you require further information on the personal details that SEA*ACT holds and how it is managed, please email, or write to:

GPO Box 1205
Canberra, ACT 2601

If you would like more information about the Privacy Act, you can contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner’s hotline service on 1300 363 992 or visit the Privacy Commissioner’s web site at